Handfuls of History Volume 3

Included here is only a subset of the collection; coins listed in grey are only available in the full version. Purchase the book to see all the coins, research on their historical context, and nearly seven hundred high-resolution photos.

  1. Achaemenid Persia

    1. Coins of the era of Achaemenids
  2. Greece

    1. The cultural identity of the Greeks
    2. Greek coins and denominations
    3. City-states of the Greek world
    4. The enduring symbol of the triskeles
  3. Phoenicia

    1. Phoenician coins
  4. Macedonia

    1. Kings of Macedon
    2. The coins of Alexander
    3. Macedonian coins after Alexander
  5. The Hellenistic world

    1. The Diadochi
    2. The Familial Dynasties of Macedonian and Hellenistic rulers
    3. Seleucid rulers
    4. Ptolemaic rulers
    5. Shards of Lysimachia
    6. Other Hellenistic kingdoms
  6. Bactria and the Indo-Greek kingdoms

    1. Bactrian and Indo-Greek coins
  7. The Parthians and Sasanians

    1. Parthian coins
  8. The Celts

    1. Celtic Coins
  9. Rome

    1. Roman coinage
    2. The Roman Republic, Moneyers
    3. Provincial coins and client kingdoms
    4. Roman tetradrachm
    5. Weights and measurements
    6. The expansion of the Roman Republic
    7. The Cursus honorum
    8. Coins of the Roman Republic
    9. The Roman Civil wars
    10. The Roman Emperors
    11. The Julio-Claudian Emperors
    12. Year of the four Emperors
    13. The Flavin Dynasty
    14. The five "Good Emperors" and one of the worst
    15. The year of the five Emperors
    16. The Severan Dynasty
    17. The year of the six Emperors
    18. Crisis of the third century
    19. Diocletian and the Tetrarchy
    20. Constantine and the twilight of the Olympian Gods
    21. Byzantine coins
  10. Epilog

    1. Gods in the modern era
  11. Bibliography