Handfuls of History

by Roger L. Papke, Ph.D.

Volume 1


Volume 2

Cutting Edges

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Handfuls of History, Volumes 1 &2 provide perspectives on history and culture based on research related to specific artifacts.

Volume 1 covers the history of firearm development, the technology and the historical events influenced by the changes in firearms over the course of several centuries.

Volume 2 covers edged weapons used by different cultures through the years and around the world.

Both volumes are rich with high-resolution images of the artifacts that allow you inspect them as if they were in your hands. Click on the disk images above to learn more about the two books. They are available as digital downloads (approximately 4GB) for installation on your computer or at a slightly higher price as disks (DVDs) suitable to be run or installed on your computer (not, however, suitable for a DVD or Blu-ray player)."

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